Fast Experimentation with Neural Networks

Graphic user interface

This section explains some of the functionalities of the graphic user interface of FENNIX. This GUI is executed when FENNIX is launched without arguments. The principal elements of the GUI are described in the following paragraphs.

1. Menu

The menu in FENNIX allows the user to get access to the workspace where FNNXObjects and variables are stored. It has 3 items:

2. Text script tab

This tab allows the user to enter a text script that can be interpreted by FENNIX. This script must be written in a language described in the Language section.

3. Graphic editor

This tab allows the user to create a script by using a graphic editor. This script can be then translated into text and interpreted by FENNIX. This graphic editor is described in Graphic editor section.

4. Output console

This panel shows the messages emitted by the script when it is executed. It allows you to monitor the evolution of a script and to perform some basic debugging. The panel has a contextual menu with three items:

5. Control buttons

These six buttons allows you to control the execution of scripts in FENNIX:

6. Input console

This is a single text line allowing you to execute individual commands.

Last modification 10 April 2012
by Héctor Satizábal.