Fast Experimentation with Neural Networks

Graphic script editor

The graphic editor allows an easy first approach to the creation of scripts within FENNIX. With this graphic interface you can:

How to use the graphic script editor

The graphic editor can be accessed by selecting the panel Graphic Editor from the Experiment panel. The right side of the panel shows the current state of the tree-shaped script. It allows you to navigate through the different nodes by opening or closing them. The left side of the panel contains the buttons for editing the script.

Additionally, the panel has a context menu with three basic functionalities:

The list of available tools

Each time you click on the button New or Call a scrolling list appear. This list shows you the available FNNXObject or FNNXFunction currently available in FENNIX. To select one of these items, you should double-click on the desired item. By double-clicking you open the configuration window of the item that will show you the parameters that have to be set for each particular FNNXObject. The following images show an example of the scrolling list and the configuration window of one FNNXObject.

Last modification 10 April 2012
by Héctor Satizábal.